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THE sbobet DRAFT

THE sbobet DRAFT

As team captains Otis and I would pick two teams of degenerate drunkards. We’d compete in 5 individual events and several more team games.


The captains shotgun a beer for first pick. Winner gets first pick, loser gets to choose the name “Team Good” or “Team Evil”.

Otis cheated at this event by starting the countdown before I had crushed a proper carb in the bottom of the can. Then I couldn’t get the damn can open. I lost the pick and went with the silly and inappropriate monniker “Team Good.”


For reasons you’ll read in just a bit, Badblood the artificially lumpy was the obvious first pick. Even Otis is not immune to the obvious, sometimes, and he made that selection.

Then my pick, a head scratcher for the less insightful.

In one of the comments left here during Bradoween preparations LEFTY showed an interest in an event so disgusting and distastful I was willing to forfeit the whole damn thing. If LEFTY was willing to do it, much less win it, he was on my team guaranteed. I had no idea how strong a teammate he’d turn out to be.

Otis picks Big Mike.

Now blessed with the relative impunity of picking people that were truly good and decent, I selected ALCAN’THANG. My thinking was, even if we lose I’ll assemble a team that won’t puke on the yard. I guessed wrong. Again.

Otis picks his brother, Dr. Jeff.

I’m now building a team of ultimate blogger superstars with the pick of DR. PAULY. By this point the name “Team Good” is the funniest joke of the night.

Otis picks Marty Automatic

I already had Dr. Pauly and now I had his brother. This would be the most sophisticated pick of the draft. DEREK MCGRUPP is the consumate team player and his pure sacrifice in event 2 was pure class.

Otis picks his team alternate and plans to cheat again later by drafting Daddy

My team would now be complete with the drafting of our alternate… BONUS CODE IGGY. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find him. He showed up just in time for the final, dagger twisting, Otis cheat.


TEAM GOOD met just near the front lawn for our first team meeting. We had a list of events and a good sense of our strength. A loss was virtually inconceivable barring something truly EVIL.


Me vs. Marty Automatic.

It’s rock, paper, scissors and I’m a dominant force. I really like and respect Mr. Automatic but his AAA St. Louis game can’t deal with a big league sbobet ROSHAMBO champ. I win the event 3-1 with a clutch display of “scissors cuts paper.” It was a brilliant read. And Matry has a tell.

Marty took a penalty double shot of SoCo


Derek McGrupp vs. BadBlood

The highlight here was the entry. All grew silent as the PA boomed with the introductoin of BadBlood, backed with his own entry music… which sucked.

I think it was SLAYER.

Derek took his shot like a man.


Al Can’t Hang vs. Dr. Jeff

Al and I INVENTED this event. During our suprise visit to Nassau in January we grew bored while waiting for a seat at the NL tables. To kill time we started a prob bet: cash for a sucessful toss of a half-empty bottle into the trash.

Two bets changed hands before OTHER players around the poker room asked to buy in. Then the Bahamian GAMING COMISSION stepped in and shut the game down.

For Bradoween, Al was a prohibitive favorite. Unforunately Dr. Jeff found an unholy gust of wind shot from the depths of hell, and Al’s shot blew long. Jeff sank his shot and team good is trailing.

Al doesn’t consider the shot a penalty.

4.) Trash Ball

Dr. Pauly vs. Otis

Otis cheats.

Pauly takes his shot like a champ.

5.) Cheese Mania!

First Round Lefty vs. Big Mike

You may recall, 27K words ago, our fruitless search for cheeseballs. This was about to provide a Monty Python moment.

One year ago, at Bradoween 4, there was only one STUPID event. Two teams of 4 raced to devour an entire jumbo tub of Sam’s Club cheese balls. It was revolting and hilarious. Still, it took so long to eat that much processed nastiness that the event cound NEVER be repeated. Or so we thought.

We’d planned to use small cannisters of cheese balls for each contestant but as we’ve said, they don’t exist. So instead GIANT bags of CHEESE CURLS were brought in, one for each player. Remember folks, LEFTY wanted to do this and apparantly he’d done his research. He had two bottles of cool water preopened and positioned carefully next to his bag. He had a slow methodical eating method. He had guts.