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Scottish Premier Domino99 Pkv League Group

Scottish Premier Domino99 Pkv League Group

Scottish Premier Domino99 Pkv League Group

Ibrox manager Ally McCoist has admitted that had he been at the peak of his playing career when Rangers went into liquidation he may well have been tempted to head out of the club. That was the situation faced by the likes of Steven Naismith, Steven Whittaker and Allan McGregor – all of whom were publicly criticised by McCoist for not moving their contracts from the old club to Charles Green’s newco 18 months ago.

At the Rangers’ AGM, McCoist again took a swipe at those players who had ‘headed for the hills’. However, when asked if he would have remained if the club had gone bust in 1992, McCoist said: “I don’t know what I would have done.

“It’s the easiest thing for me to say that I’m a Domino99 Pkv Rangers man but I don’t know. Nobody would know. People have made decisions, choices, and they have to live with them. “Some of the boys crossed over and moved, some moved before it. I’m a big boy and I’m not going to look back and start criticising people. That’s life. You make decisions and it would be wrong for me to comment on a hypothetical situation like that.

“I don’t know but I don’t think anyone can argue that I’ve made many mistakes. But I’ve always tried to do what’s right for the football club and I’ll continue to do that. I wouldn’t want to move back into hypothetical 1992 situations.”

Meanwhile, McCoist was irked as his side lost their 100% League One record after a Boxing Day draw against Stranaer.

McCoist insisted he ‘couldn’t give a monkey’s’ about any chance of a flawless league season disappearing, with his anger reserved for a dismal display and the poor concession that proved so costly.

“I’m certainly of the opinion that Stranraer more than deserved their point for their overall performance.But, from our point of view, it wasn’t good enough. “The players have got a lot of praise for going on a great run since the start of the campaign, but even they would admit that display wasn’t good enough. We deserved the criticism. I’ll be 100-per-cent honest with you, I actually couldn’t give a monkey’s about the record. I’m not interested in it. I’m only interested in the level of performance that we gave – and that was very disappointing.”


Tynecastle boss Gary Locke has insisted that he wishes to remain in the managerial seat at the trouled Edinburgh club for as long as possible. Thrown into the job on the back of administration and a 15-point penalty, the 38-year-old then had to deal with a transfer ban. His skeleton squad of kids have been rooted to the bottom of the Premiership table since the start of the season and are now staring certain relegation in the face. But the thought of quitting the club he loves hasn’t entered his mind, despite the constant off-field problems that have engulfed him during his time in the job.

Administrator Bryan Jackson has given Locke his backing and made it clear he wants him to stay and guide the players through the most turbulent period in the club’s history. “It was a relief to hear that from Bryan,” said Locke. “I’m working under extremely difficult circumstances but I won’t dwell on it. I know it’s part of the job and I’ll have to deal with it.

“I haven’t thought about quitting, not at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been tough as we’re in this position with such a young team and it’s hard to compete at the highest level. “But I love my job and love working for Heart of Midlothian FC. That will never change because it’s a great honour to be the manager.

“I’m a positive person and despite the current predicament of the club it’s all about making sure we come out of it and get back to where we should be in Scottish football.

“Of course I’d stay if we were in the Championship next season. I love it here. It has been a difficult season but the most important thing is that the club is still here and it survives. “If the club survives, that’s an achievement in itself and then we can look to rebuild. “Obviously it becomes harder for me when we lose players to injury and illness.

“But we just have to keep working. Listen, we were in a horrendous position in the summer, but we’re still here.

“Most Hearts fans realise that’s the main achievement. And even now, we’re still not out of the woods, there are important meetings to come that could make or break this club. Hopefully it will be positive.”

Locke admits it would be pointless to try to negotiate his future at the club, while its long-term survival is still in the balance. It’s the same with his players who are out of contract.

And despite the Foundation of Hearts being confident of a takeover, the Jambos boss says he has enough on his plate just trying to pick up points on a Saturday. He said: “I haven’t discussed my future at all. The club is still in administration and nothing can be done off the pitch until the new owners come in.

“The players are in the same situation.

“We have a lot out of contract in the summer and it will get to the stage where they’ll want to know about their futures.

“Unfortunately, with the predicament we’re in we can’t sort any of that out right now.”