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About Mexico

About Mexico

Mexico, the third largest country of the North American Continent, has a great many traditions and customs. The culture is extremely rich and full of fascinating history, legends, stories, and practices that make it so extremely unique and interesting, anyone might want to go there. If you’ve wanted to visit Mexico, are thinking about making a trip, or simply want to know more about this one of a kind country, read on.

What Makes Mexico Unique

Mexican music is one of the most traditional and beautiful parts of the culture. Each region of Mexico has its own unique flavour of music, and with each of the styles of music comes a unique style of dance. Mexicans love to dance, and many popular dance types have originated from the country. Passing through Mexico you may see mariachis serenading restaurant audiences, natives in their ancient dress styles doing traditional and symbolic dances, or people at clubs dancing to salsa or merengue. The many different types of dance may seem odd to you at first, but they are really beautiful and meaningful.

One interesting tradition that is observed all over Mexico is the Day of the Dead. This holiday is very similar to Halloween in other countries but only in that it happens around the same time of year and it is focused on death and spirits. Other than that, the similarities are few. Mexicans decorate the doors of their houses with marigolds tied in the shape of a cross, supposedly for good luck and blessing. They also eat a special kind of sweet bread, called pan de muertos, which are shaped like buns but have bone-shaped segments of dough on top. They also eat tradition Mexican sweets and chocolates shaped like skulls during this Holiday.

Another interesting tradition happens at New Years in many Mexican houses. Every person is different, but many observe the same things. At the stroke of twelve, the tradition is to eat 12 grapes, each grape representing a wish for each month of the year. Fireworks are set off and people celebrate in the streets. One of the most traditional New Year’s Eve foods in Mexico is bacalao or dried cod, served with bread or tortillas. In some places in Mexico it is expected of you to take a bath on New Year’s Eve, and in some cases you also have to clean your pets and wash your car.

Having adequate travel insurance

If you are travelling to Mexico then remember to consider that health insurance is very important to have as the healthcare system in the country is private and you therefore need to consider having adequate cover to protect yourself or you family in the event of an illness or accident whilst travelling. You can find out more information at this website. click here

There are thousands of these interesting and unique traditions and habits in Mexican culture. The food, the drinks, the songs, and the culture are all full of life, history, and background, and if you want to learn more, the best way to do it is to go there and try for yourself.